Software Development

CHG IT CONSULTANCY PVT. LTD. is a high productivity & high quality software development company.

While taking advantage of the high skill and speed sense of Indian software engineers, we are fusing the idea for the high quality of Japan and providing the software which will be satisfying our customer’s requirement’s. Our Slogan is “Elegant Design and Beautiful Code”.

  • Mobile Application (iOS, Android)
  • Web Application and Service
  • Embedded Software (Device driver, Middle ware)

Application Service Provider

The Company will be delivering very convenient & useful application.

Substantiality(Enhancement) of network infrastructure makes the evolution of a web & mobile with big possibility, by using more familiar & easy applications.

  • Education and Training
  • Knowledge Base
  • QMS

Finding Solutions

CHG IT CONSULTANCY PVT. LTD. is a high We will propose the most suitable solution for a customer.

Among the big Indian IT market, we will help with solutions for customer’s problem by combining the latest technology, excellent technical personnel & dynamic outsource.

  • IoT, M2M
  • Security System
  • Data Analytics

Promising Youngsters Support

We will support the talented software engineers.

We like to see the young people with big dreams & high ambition, developing worldwide with the power of software & making contribution to society.

  • Development Support.
  • Providing Business Platform
  • Allowance Support