Applications of QMALL

Online Assessment for Corporate

The online assessment is a technique used by many to evaluate the caliber and reliability of the candidates. It is drafted to scrutinize the mental , analytical ability of the employee.

The assessment programs or exams were earlier taken in person, or rather hard paper to be precise. With the changing trends and upcoming technologies, the same exams are now being conducted via Online Assessment tools.

Our online platform of QMALL is one such platform to provide corporates with the Online Assessment Exams. Organizations can use the assessment platform as a continuous skill building and knowledge learning/ sharing tool.

With Online Assesment, there are multiple options available for the varied requirements of the companies.

  • Induction Test
  • Performance Evaluation Test
  • New Skill Aquisition Test
  • Hiring Test
  • Aptitude Test
  • Psychometric / Personality Test
Online Assessment for Education

Many universities/ Schools are using online assessment tools to enhance and improve their examination structure. We provide the platform to conduct an online exam where students can appear from their homes.

Online Assessment for Self-studies

The Self-Study platform was designed specifically for professional societies, associations, online educators, and training organizations.

Need larger plans or looking to purchase a QMALL account?

Is there any comprehensive solution for such learning or evaluation issues?

Yes, there is and that is QMALL.

QMALL is a simple and powerful assessment tool to improve your skills.

So, you can try our easy to use assessment tool called QMALL in your organization. Please contact us to know more about how it can help your institution and employees or members by sharing your contact information today to our email and our specialist will reach you with more information.