Today what exactly should you be looking for in a business assessment.

Its relevance and its usefulness of course go without saying and it should cost a lot less than having to use a consultant and you’d want minimal disruption to business activities and busy staff accurate outcomes is obviously going to be a key feature you want reliability and consistency.

A platform that is easy to use and you’d wanted to provide the information with which you can make good decisions you would not want to have to wait days or weeks for the outcomes to be generated or have to spend hours customizing the output in order to present to executives and staff.

Now that’s where we can help.

QMALL is a secured customizable web based assessment tool, designed specifically to build your own assessment platform for evaluation of your team. You can conduct online exams on various chosen topics, right from planning of assessment until the result analysis for a reliable and accurate solution.

This is packaged into seamless solution with highly protected platform.

The online tests not only save you time but also provide instant results and evaluations immediately after appearing for the test. You can create the exams with our easy to use cloud based LMS. You can have various combinations like text, video, images, practice questions, etc.

Our product Made Easy
Adaptable Application
Instant Test results
Unlimited Quizzes & Questions
Import & export Questions
Randomize Questions and/or answers
Add time limits & set Test dates
Multiple choice, True/False, Short answer
Embed images, files, videos, audio
Filter candidates with recruitment exams
Online Certifications
Need larger plans or looking to purchase a QMALL account?

Is there any comprehensive solution for such learning or evaluation issues?

Yes, there is and that is QMALL.

QMALL is a simple and powerful assessment tool to improve your skills.

So, you can try our easy to use assessment tool called QMALL in your organization. Please contact us to know more about how it can help your institution and employees or members by sharing your contact information today to our email and our specialist will reach you with more information.